This book is about mining. No, seriously, I gave this book a five star rating here and regret absolutely nothing knowing full well that this book is almost entirely about uranium mining in the mid-1970's. I have no qualms whatsoever giving this book the rating that I did as Saunders not only is able to give an extremely in-depth, eye-opening account of what life was like as a uranium miner (or a underground laborer as you will) in that era, but also present it in a fashion that makes the reader flip page after page. He outlines how he got to New Mexico, what brought him into this profession, the challenges of starting the job, the extreme nature of the work itself, the hierarchy of those that work underground, and just a little bit about his life. He does all this with a light-hearted tone, a quick joke here or there, and just enough anecdotes that keep a giant smile on your face despite the backbreaking labor being described. All-in-all, I feel extremely happy to have read this book and learned a bit about not only this line of work, but also the many challenges that desire immense respect towards these workers. This is a book that is extremely well done and deserves to be read by anyone who likes learning something new in a very fun manner." - Cameron Arsenault, OnlineBookClub.org

The writing is beautiful and it opens an entire world and experience to readers; the prose leaps off the pages of the book with unusual elegance, and it is sprinkled with vivid descriptions of tools, machinery, and processes, allowing the reader to have a complete picture of what mining looked like in the ‘70s. From the preface, the reader already feels how intimate the author is with the experience when he writes: “There is no other fragrance or resonance I know equal to that produced by the Jackleg rock drill operating at full bore; no other sight that matches that of walking up to a miner sitting atop a couple of hundred pounds of dynamite and casually finishing up his cigarette; and no more colorful characters than miners who spent the majority of their working lives underground.” R.D. Saunders offers exciting stories, builds memorable characters, and makes history come alive in Underground and Radioactive: Adventures of a Uranium Miner in 1970s New Mexico. - Arya Fomonyuy, readersfavorite.com

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